Our school campus is built in such a way that there is a huge scope for educational excellence. Located in a serene atmosphere, the campus is equipped with student friendly classrooms, sports & activity areas, Library and laboratories. We maintain Academics as the priority always. Our curriculum involves a range of developmentally and age-appropriate instructional strategies to continually develop the skills of our students. They get a balanced approach to reading, writing, speaking and listening. They are provided opportunities to be social and collaborative, and we measure the successes of our students through engagement and their attitudes to learning. We encourage our students to take ownership and responsibility for their actions and to set goals for improvement.


We have with us children, who are the Apples of their parents’ eyes. To provide them a safe and secure environment is of utmost importance. No child feels threatened and to make sure that there is no bullying, we have made some tight arrangements. Apart from closed Suggestion Boxes, the entire school campus, is under complete CCTV camera surveillance 24/7, for the safety and well-being of all the students, staff and school property at all times.


Books are a person's best friend. We suggest this to our students, and most of them promptly develop the habit of reading. The Library becomes a place to escape. The Library is unrivalled with numerous books for students' reference and good reading. The library also has Digital content for the students of all the classes. The students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits. The school subscribes to sufficient number of newspapers and magazines suitable for students


We recognise the value of technology in education. We view technology as a tool that enhances the learner experience in the classroom. The students and the teacher get matter via Internet that are otherwise impossible. The teachers get matter which are engaging and even to individualise content for each student. Our well-equipped Computer laboratories enable students comfortable learning.


The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. The teachers implement innovative ideas and they bring aspects of creativity in all their subjects. They always encourage different ideas and there is complete freedom for the students to explore. The teacher instructs, the students comprehend and learn and also demonstrate, recite or present and that gives an understanding whether the teaching–learning was effective.

Our teachers adjust the level as per the level of understanding of their students. There is a facility called the Remedial Class which caters to the needs of the students who need extra time and attention. From the teachers to the Principal, at Sanskar International, everyone comes forward to take remedial classes.


There are regular tests called the Periodic Tests and the subject teachers conduct tests after the completion of the chapters. The students are continually assessed. From their attending school – we evaluate the leaves, to dressing for school – we evaluate the cleanliness of the uniform and the maintenance of general hygiene, to taking part in competitions and events – we evaluate the socio-cultural behaviour, to the regular tests and exams – we provide a complete progress report of the student with which anyone can understand the quality of Education delivered and received.


On playgrounds One can witness impressive sports moments at SANSKAR. We encourage the students to take part in all kinds of physical activity. Especially, games and sports, through which the students learn to be disciplined and patient. The language skills develop too. We tell our students to worship sports persons and to root for a sports team. The reason for this is that we believe that 'Being a Fan' definitely defines an individual. All kinds of coordination improves when students take part in Games and Sports. And this not only helps them in the playground but also while climbing or getting off an escalator or a travelator.


In this age of tension and anxiety, everyone needs to be clutter free first from the mind. We practice Yoga and Meditation to use the energy positively and to do our work enthusiastically.

Students who struggle to memorise and learn the daily lessons find it easier to cope with the daily stress of academics.


Dance is a wonderful form of expression of ideas or emotions. It is a Universal language which everyone understands. Our students are encouraged to dance. And they have regular Dance hours which feature in their Time Table. When there are competitions it brings students closer to each other. Team work comes to the fore when they perform on the stage. At Sanskar International, our students have brought laurels to the school with this art form. They have given some scintillating performances in and out of school which won them accolades.


Plato once said, "Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education". It is scientifically proven that Music uses both sides of the brain. So, Music is tremendously valuable in all areas of development. It helps the child's brain to grow Academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is said that Music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Hence our Music classes permanently wire young minds for enhanced performances.


There being a theme in the Assembly is nothing new or different. Nevertheless, we have interesting and day and date appropriate themes on which the students of various classes take turns to present. And sometimes the Assembly is conducted house wise too. So, the competitive spirit is involved too. It doesn’t stop at just a presentation on the stage. The students decorate the bulletin boards and other soft boards inside and outside the classrooms as per the theme.

Hence our Music classes permanently wire young minds for enhanced performances.


Under the umbrella of cultural activities, Sanskar International School constantly strives to promote creative thinking and artistic expressions amongst our young champs! The students are bequeathed with the opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a plethora of programmes such as competitions, festivals, workshops, and shows. SIS not just strives to nurture a passion for a specific art yet it also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in our young champs!


The school has bus facility with buses which have comfortable seats and the whole system is well managed by the Transport Manager. The buses are regularly checked for their fitness and they are fitted with Cameras, Speed Governors and GPS. All the buses have a Lady attendant who travels along with the students. There are Music Systems too in the buses so that the children are not bored and some learning happens while travelling via Songs, Rhymes and Conversations.


The School has a Health Room which is spacious, well-lit and airy. If any student feels unwell or is tired, then this room provides the requisite first aid and rest. A nurse attends to their needs and if need be they are taken to the hospital after the parents are informed. Regular medical check-ups for the entire school is done. Reports of any medical examination will be sent to the parents. The parents get to know if their child requires any special treatment.


To ensure that the school always has electricity, so that classes aren’t hampered and the students may study comfortably without any difficulties, the school has a back-up generator facility.


The School campus is one of the best campuses in this region embedded with all the amenities for educational excellence. Located in a lush green arena, the campus aims to enthuse and challenge young minds with stimulating design, environment, and adequate facilities. The premise is equipped with student friendly classrooms, sports & activity areas, laboratories, and other essentials. We guide Parents to choose better Transport option from the Available sources.