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Co-curricular Activities

We the sanskar faculty believe in FUN WAY LEARNING concept, where students cherish their interest and talents through various activities, so as being said we are conducting 'WEEKLY ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES' . So here are the videos of our achievers. Let's have a glimpse!.

Fitness Challenge Competition

A healthy person is always a wealthy person this predicts that being fit and healthy is foremost. We ensure this, that each of our student stay fit and healthy. Thus we have organised a FITNESS COMPETITION for our students from which they shared their daily scheduled workouts, and activities like Zumba, yoga, suryanamaskar and many more. Let's have a gaze!

The Chef At Home

Eating healthy and living healthy is something that everyone pleads for, so as being said we ensure that our students should imitate the concept of HEALTHY LIVING this predicts our next weekly activity. The chef at home contest... Let's have a look..

Maths Quiz competition

Mathematics can be fun if you treat it the right way. Maths is nothing less than a game, a game that polishes your intelligence and concentration. As a mode to get entangled in maths and 'learn as fun' mode... so we have given some activities to the kids from grade 1 to 6 have a gaze

Reprint The Picture Contest

Drawing and coloring are visual arts and these competitions allow students to uncover their natural talents in sketching and illustrations. ... Competitions allow the students to test out their creative ideas in a risk-free manner. Here we are with the results of the same

Republic Day

Weekly competitions ...